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JBS Financial Services was founded in 1994 by Joseph B. Sprung, with the vision of applying economic, financial, and tax expertise along with creative and intuitive insights into virtually any business or personal situation that may arise. In today's chaotic economic climate, it is imperative that you have not only sound technical advice, but also sound judgment and experience. Thus our history of financing businesses from inception, providing independent assessments of divorce situations, innovative tax planning, compliance and direction, providing financing for intricate real estate projects and other businesses, has secured JBS Financial Services an advantageous perspective in facing the turbulent times that lie ahead.

Our dedication has been rewarded by our long-standing relationships and our illustrious client list, which include a Nobel Prize winner, a National Football League Hall of Fame and multiple Super Bowl winning coach, acclaimed authors and artists, a former Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Fortune 500 Founders, major accounting firms and Certified Public Accountants, renowned investment bankers, inventors, recognized leaders in medicine and healthcare, prominent law firms and attorneys and leaders in industry, real estate and service related businesses. Many of these individuals have been with us from their beginning. We take much pride in their success and they are an integral part of the JBS Financial Family.

We look forward to making you part of this family and to assist you in achieving your goals.

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New York City Comptroller John Liu attends the 2010 Art Show at the JBS Gallery, a division of JBS Financial Services, featuring artwork from students at the School for Language and Communication Development.  Shown here with Joseph B. Sprung, Chairman of Bear Givers and Dr. Ellenmorris Tiegerman, Executive Director of SLCD.
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