SLCD Art Show - April 23, 2009

As part of its empowerment program, Bears4Kids proudly hosted an Art Show in conjunction with JBS Financial Services, featuring original artwork designed by the creative students at the The School for Language and Communication Development. The Art Show took place on April 23, 2009 at the JBS Gallery, with 100% of the proceeds of the sales of the students’ artwork going to SLCD.

SLCD provides intense educational services to children with language and autism spectrum disorders. The school uses an eclectic array of related services to create a stimulating environment which fosters the development of communication and language skills through teacher and student directed interaction. We at the Empowerment Program of Bears4kids are happy to work with the students’ art program, where children with autistic and language disorders can feel pride and a sense of accomplishment by communicating their thoughts and feelings in creative ways. And, what could be more fun than actually exhibiting their works and participating in a gallery show! Attending the event were the “artists/students” of SLCD, their parents, and art “connoisseurs” who purchased many of the beautiful pieces that lined the walls of the JBS gallery. As the critics raved, guests viewed the artwork and enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. At any time during the evening, one could spot several noteworthy attendees posing for pictures with the grinning artists.

The thrill and excitement of the young talent permeated the air. Cameras captured the smiles as the hard work of each student culminated in the thrill of seeing their work exhibited in a real gallery. As the event progressed, buying reached a feverish pitch, and students proudly looked on as their pieces were removed from the wall, wrapped, and taken home by a pleased purchaser.

The students were truly feeling the "empowerment" as their proud parents looked on, and they sent this lovely Thank You note to express their appreciation.

Some quotes from our guestbook: "A truly uplifting evening," "Wonderful idea and great event," "Great cause!" "Love the idea" "Excellent exhibits!" "Well done!"

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