Carousel School Art Show - December 4, 2010

On December 4, 2010 Bear Givers sponsored the first annual Student Art Exhibition featuring artwork created by the students of the Carousel School.  From 6 to 9 PM the art was displayed at Hamilton Galleries of Santa Monica, California.  The show had a great staff and student turnout.  Also, the central location of the gallery attracted local residents and business owners.  Passersby were intrigued by the wide range of types of art and took the time to appreciate the works and speak to the student artists about their creative process.  Each class chose a theme to work from which included chalk drawings, solar system spray paints, watercolors, Warhol inspired pieces, and tree finger paintings.  One class chose to create a collaboration featuring a large skeleton and focusing on the Day of the Dead.


The students were excited to see their artwork being displayed and sold for the benefit of their school.  Students proudly explained their pieces to patrons and pointed out their fellow students' artwork.  Throughout the show, patrons showed their support by viewing the uniquely crafted works and ended up purchasing the majority of the pieces for sale.


We thank Marissa of the Carousel School and Hamilton Galleries for providing the students with an empowering evening!

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