Miller Children's Hospital Art Show - October 22, 2010

On October 22, 2010 Bear Givers sponsored Artful Healing for Our Heroes, an exhibition featuring artwork created solely by the young patients at Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach (CA).  The show started at 10:00 AM and continued with a variety of fun activities until the sun set.  Throughout the day, the children and guests had the opportunity to view and appreciate the beautiful pieces of artwork.  The Children also had activities including interactive musical sessions with local musicians and art creating sessions where the children had the opportunity to compose their own gallery-inspired masterpieces!


The patients' artwork was auctioned, which excited and instilled a sense of pride in the young artists.  In addition to the proceeds from the auction, children's art note cards and desk calendars were sold to raise money for the hospital.  During the weeks leading up to the show, samples of children's art was displayed at each mile marker on the route for the Long Beach Marathon.


We thank our liaison Denise Clayton-Leonard of Artful Healing for organizing such a successful and enriching art show!

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