Oxford Radcliffe Children's Hospital Art Show
Oxford, UK - July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011 - Bear Givers was pleased to have sponsored "HOME", a student art exhibition held at Modern Art Oxford in Oxford, England.  Students from schools across Oxford and the Hospital School at Oxford Radcliffe Hospital filled the gallery with interpretive and introspective pieces created in response to the 4 story wall painting KIDS by artist Michael Craig-Martin.  In addition to developing their artistic skills, the students took this opportunity to better understand one of England's top artists and channel their creative energies into creating pieces with a similar theme.  Through media including painted canvases, sculptures, and photographs, these 4 to 16 year old students intrigued gallery patrons with the depth of their works, which truly "demystified the hospital environment".  The students in attendance were excited to see their art being displayed and were happy to explain their creative processes to the patrons.


The pieces were sold in a silent auction and 100% of the funds benefit the Children's Hospital.


We thank Ruth Charity of Artlink, Penny Hambridge & Anne Stevenson of Oxford Radcliffe Children's Hospital, artist Dionne Barber, and the staff of Modern Art Oxford for making this show such a success.


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