South Florida Jewish Academy Art Show
January 6, 2011

On January 6, 2011 Bear Givers proudly sponsored a Student Art Exhibition for the South Florida Jewish Academy.  Students from this Coconut Creek, Florida-based school created unique pieces of art which were displayed on Thursday evening at the Addison Gallery of Boca Raton, Florida.  Between parents, students, friends, and local patrons, the show had an excellent turn out and created a very special feeling for the evening.


The night of artistic appreciation began with a procession for the artists.  Each student's name was announced as he or she walked down the red carpet into the exhibit.  It was quite a sight seeing the proud artists make their entrance into their very own art show!  The pieces were bid on through a silent auction, where anyone had the opportunity to bid on the piece(s) of art of his or her choosing.  Patrons also had the option to purchase pieces on the spot if the catharsis inspired them to do so.


The smiles, proud students, and intrigued art enthusiasts gave this evening special value for everyone involved.  These students can now and forever consider themselves True Artists.  In addition, they have shown pride for themselves and their school, for which we commend each and every boy and girl.


We thank Baila of the South Florida Jewish Academy and the Addison Gallery for making this show such a success.

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