School for Language and Communication Development - March 9, 2011

March 9, 2011 - The JBS Gallery was proud to host the Third Annual Student Art Exhibition featuring artwork by the students of the School for Language and Communication Development.  As the sun set on Wednesday evening, the gallery prepared for the arrival of the student artists, families, friends, teachers and school administrators.  The artwork ranged from paintings to fine free-hand drawings to computer manipulated photographs.  More importantly, the artists who attended were proud to point out their works and explain the inspirations for the creations.  Students who arrived after their pieces had been sold were excited to see that their artwork had been chosen to grace homes of the patrons who purchased them.  We were happy to see that repeat artists from the years past were just as thrilled during this show as they were during their first art show.  We are pleased to have taken part in such an enjoyable and confidence inspiring evening for all.


100% of the proceeds from the sold artwork will go back to SLCD.


We would like to thank SLCD's teachers and staff members for making this event as wonderful as it was.

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