At JBS Financial all our services are performed with extreme professionalism, with the interests of our clients being our sole concern. What differentiates us from other companies is our creativity and ability to find solutions that benefit you, the client, not only for the present - but also for your future endeavors. In today's turbulent economic and social environment, you will find peace of mind at JBS Financial.

JBS Financial Services offers a wide range of integrated services for both individuals and businesses.

Tax Research and Planning

We at JBS Financial Services are known for our expertise and client service in all Federal and 50 State return preparation. Our planning and innovative techniques are second to none and we service all our clients, both large and small, with the same degree of professionalism. In years to come, with tax rates assuredly rising, reducing your tax liabilities, saving for your future, and providing for your heirs, is becoming more difficult. We are here to help you attain maximum results both for you, your company and your family.

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    Investment Banking

    Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing or creating something that has matured into a substantial enterprise. At JBS Financial Services we have had the satisfaction of seeing many of our initial financings blossom into industry leaders. It is also important to have the insight to know when an investment is not prudent. Whether you are planning to start a new business, sell your existing business or purchase an existing business, we at JBS Financial Services have the experience and the resources to assist you.

    • Financing Start-Ups » Business Brokerage


      It is almost impossible in today's economic climate to secure financing without an imaginative team beside you. We at JBS Financial Services have experienced both the feast and the famine of real estate and financial markets and therefore, thinking "out of the box" has become second nature to us.

      • Real Estate » Equipment Purchases » Personal and Home Acquisition Loans

        Divorce Consultation and Assistance

        Most battles are won in the preparation and lost in not paying attention to details. Nothing can be more strenuous in your life than a divorce or the contemplation of one. One of the most difficult tasks during this period is finding someone you can trust, who is without an economic incentive in the demise of your marriage. We at JBS Financial Services can provide you with the necessary tools during this potentially devastating crossroads in your life.

        • Assessment of Financial Costs » Assisting in Determining Jurisdiction » Assistance in Attorney Selection » Prioritizing Issues without Emotional Interventions

          Business and Personal Assistance

          Managing a business can be extremely challenging, especially as your business grows and you juggle the day to day tasks of your accounting. We offer bill paying and bookkeeping services for any size business and we also provide valuable insight into deciding about insurance, retirement and brokerage services. Since we always want to maintain our high level of integrity and independence, we absolutely accept no fees from businesses supplying these services. Therefore you, the client, are receiving an expert evaluation with no underlying agenda.

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New York City Comptroller John Liu attends the 2010 Art Show at the JBS Gallery, a division of JBS Financial Services, featuring artwork from students at the School for Language and Communication Development.  Shown here with Joseph B. Sprung, Chairman of Bear Givers and Dr. Ellenmorris Tiegerman, Executive Director of SLCD.
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